Three Weeks w/the  Sport Watch / by Rollie Agado

Lost in all the buzz surrounding my engagement to Rhiannon... I've been sporting an  Watch for the past three weeks and I'm loving it.

My interest in the watch was pretty strong at product launch, but I opted to keep this at the top of my Birthday wishlist items.  Interest in the watch came up again when my sister informed me that she was getting one for her birthday.  When Rhianon recognized my desire to get it sooner, she suggested the idea of being gifted a little earlier in the year.


I naturally accpted the early gift and it's quickly become one of my favorite gadget grabs in recent memory. Outside of finally having a time piece on my wrist for the first time in nearly a decade, it's been nice getting at-a-glance notifications for texts and emails without having to dig out the phone.  

You'd be amazed by how much time you save when you begin to carve out all the time you spend digging into distracting iPhone apps - you never intended to go into when you unlock a phone.

The biometric activity stuff has been the standout feature for me.  I began measuring physical activity over the summer with my iPhone when doing light workouts - but I found myself not recording a number of physical activities in a day because I didn't have the phone on me.    

My enjoyement of the watch has even peaked the interest from my Fiance... who may be getting one also in the near future.