Reality Fantasy: The Challenge - Battle of the Exes 2 = Week 1 / by Rollie Agado

Week 1 is officially in the books...  I actually watched and graded he episode on Tuesday, but I haven't had time to recap the episode.

It was a quiet episode in respect to scoring...  there was a lot of characters and the show didn't really focus on drunken antics but spending a lot of time showcasing how the teams competed.

My team did really well... all three of my couples completed their challenge and one of them won the challenge - giving me 5 of my 10 total points.

The biggest player in last night episode was Dustin who picked up 50 points for revealing his Porn Acting history...  They lost the elimination challenge, but we learned they're in "Exile" and will complete secretly this season with a chance to get back in the game.

Full Scores and Rules Here

Challenge Rookie of the Year candidates 

Challenge Rookie of the Year candidates