Reality Fantasy: Real World Skeletons, Week 3: Sylvia just pissed her self in the confessional / by Rollie Agado

It's kinda hart to think about this show and not think of my Reality Fantasy league...  by that I mean, I wonder if I could watch this show and still be entertained without tabulating points for shitty behavior.

I feel pretty confident in saying that I would... and that's due largely in part to seeing Sylvia walk into the confessional booth and pissing herself on the couch.  We don't currently have a point total for this in our Fantasy League - but I'm going to draw up an amendment this week and have everyone vote on it in the event someone else does it too.

Ballerz of the Week

Violetta = 75 points
Violetta continues to dominate Fantasy League play and is putting together an MVP season for the Ages.  She's averaging 58.3 points per episode (an all time high for Fantasy Reality Real World) and dropped an Episode Season High 75 without having sex or intentionally getting nude on TV.   We reached Violetta for comment and this is what she had to say:

Damn.   Lets look at the box score: 

5 unintentional nudity
20 for getting hammered
10 for kicking a road cone into the house
5 for kissing a stranger
10 for a three way kiss
5 for verbal with Jason
15 for being drunk on night 2
5 verbal with Tony

Violetta's drinking is so intense that I actually have to grade her and the housemates on a Curve.  I first have to ask myself.... ok she's wasted, but in comparison to other "wasted" performances - where is she at.  When her roommies get hammered, I have to ask myself...  but how wasted is she in comparison to Violetta?  I can't believe that the show is going to potentially spice up her behavior by bring in an arch nemesis into the house.  It simply isn't fair.

Sylvia = 60 points
So team Mercernaries put together an amazing Back Court by teaming Violetta with Sylvia who put up another 60 point performance.  Last week, she crafted 60 points by dipping and dunking and showcasing 5 tool player potential.  This week she efficiently dropped 60 by getting hammered twice.  20 points the first night and 25 points the second night.  She then picked up 5 points for kissing a girl and 10 points for participating in a three way kiss.  Sylvia then took her game to the next level by forcing me to amend our established rules to capture instances of pissing yourself.

Bruno = 45 points
I kinda debated leaving Bruno off the list this week...  he put together 20 points by way of forceful kisses and 25 points for sex in the Real World bathroom.  He seemed gleeful in becoming the first house member to have sex in the house...  I'm glad there's video evidence that it was consensual and he helped our team slide into 2nd place.

Point standings thru 3 weeks

Mercernaries = 320
Hurricane RhiRo = 115
#TeamLaunders = 80