Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union / by Rollie Agado

Stopped into the office on Saturday to help build a production environment for a project that is slated to officially go live on June 16th...  The office is filled with co-workers who volunteered to sacrifice about 8 hours of their weekend to help get this software off the ground.

I've opted to not pump music through the headphones and just play music that everyone can work along to.  I have a sense of what everyone likes to listen to and I can pretty much play a recognizable album from the 90s and make everyone happy.

I pulled out a favorite of mine that I haven't heard in a while...  Soul Asylum's - Grave Dancers Union.  An album that has a handful of memorable singles and a couple of great deep cuts that never seem to get enough attention.

Example: Without a Trace - The song features one of my favorite opening lyrics: 
I fell In Love with a hooker
She Laughed in my Face

The song has a theme that I always take a strong liking too...  it talks about picking up and leaving a place without notice.   I don't know why I fantasize about this so much...  but it's soothing that I think about with great regularity.  

The album also features a song called New World, a swelling power ballad that seems to be missing from musical artists I listen to these days.  I many need to sit and dwell on that comment.... 

Anyhoo, the album brought back a number of great memories, if you haven't heard this in a while I highly recommend it.

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Soul Asylum
Album: Grave Dancers Union
Producer: Michael Beinhorn
Label: Columbia
Recorded: The Powerstation and River Sound