Seahaven - Winter Forever / by Rollie Agado

In preparation for tonights Seahaven show at the Korova, I am taking a few moments at the office to hear some material from their earlier albums.

I can't say enough about their album: Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only.  It's one of my favorite releases of 2014 and I'm looking insanely forward to seeing them perform a number of songs from this album live.

After listening to a number of tracks off of Winter Forever - I'm actually getting  a little extra pumped to also hear some of their earlier material.  I kinda liken it to a lot of the stuff I listened to in college.  


It's kinda hard to not single out a number of obvious contemporary influences when listening to this record.  That being said - it still has a number of great tracks on it.

Standout tracks:


Just got back from seeing Seahaven perform live...  the show was great.  The band was a little younger than I had anticipated, but they managed to pull off a show that showcased their chops.

It's kinda hard to talk about this band and not focus in on frontman Kyle Soto.  In addition to being arrestingly handsome, he incorporates a number of small dance moves while standing in place and very intense/cold stares into the audience.

The band didn't really break often to address the audience...  Kyle would frequently thank and express his "love" for everyone in attendance.

I did see something that I've never seen before at the show tho'.  About 5 or 6 songs into the set, one or two girls decided to take wads of single dollar bills and shower the stage/Kyle/bandmates while performing.

I didn't quite understand what was going on at first... I wonder if this was done to objectify his looks.   It was really weird to witness tho'.  At first - I thought they were throwing hand-bills... I think some people starting reaching for the money and their roadie had to intervene.   

Pretty fucked up.