Singles - Original Motion Soundtrack / by Rollie Agado

Kinda excited about this entry today...  I've known for a few months now that I would eventually be flying up to Seattle to conduct some training on Sunday.

It just happened to fall on Memorial Day Weekend and I'm penning this entry somewhere between central Texas and the Pacific Northwest.

I'm a little torn between talking about the things I hope to do while visiting the city on Saturday or going on and on about this Soundtrack.

I'll do the latter because there's a good chance I won't get to do a third of things I would like to see and do in Seattle tomorrow.

So the Singles soundtrack and Movie - was pretty influential on me.  I saw/heard them both with some regularity my Freshman year of high school.  It featured a number of mainstream artists I was listening to in heavy rotation.

Especially Pearl Jam...  the song State of Love and Trust is actually one my all time favorite PJ songs that they have ever recorded.   There's something about the sound and energy on that track that has always made me want to revisit it.  

It also features my favorite Alice In Chains songs - Would?

While the album contains a number of Seattle bands - it has a few that are not from the Emerald City.   

The Smashing Pumpkins made the cut and they're from Chicago.  I think their appearance on this soundtrack has a little to do with being lumped in with the Grunge genre when in actuality they should fit into something else.

I haven't seen the movie in a couple of years, but I may go out of my way to see it this weekend if I'm up late.

I'm going to also be hella tempted to record a Late Night Conversation podcast during my visit.

Favorite tracks:

Sadly, they're not on Spotify to share with you - but the two Paul Westerberg songs on this soundtrack are amazing.  

Mother Love Bone – Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns

This little melody of two Mother Love Bone songs is great to hear for people who want to track Pearl Jam down to their roots.   Andy Wood (lead singer) died from an overdose before the band had a chance to break out.  Lyrically this song is haunting to hear upon your first and 500th listen.

"say he who rides the pony, must one day fall" - M.L.B.

At the tail end of the album, there's a great Jimi Hendrix song called – May This Be Love. Which is then followed up by an incredible Screaming Trees song called – Nearly Lost You