Detachment Kit - Of This Blood / by Rollie Agado

Saw that one of my dearest friends in Detroit (Emo V.) graduated from college this week!  She's been going to college (off and on) for a number of years now and it delighted me to no end to see her in a cap and gown.

This deserves to be pressed on vinyl

A few weeks before leaving Detroit, I got to spend a random Friday night spinning albums and sharing stories with her and one of the albums/artists she introduced me to that night was the Detachment Kit.

A band that is often compared to Built to Spill/Modest Mouse...   which I sorta get.   I kinda think  that they sound like a Nirvana album that never happened - but could have.   Before you think that makes no sense - I beg you to hear the album in its entirety and remember that Kurt had wanted to expand the sound of the band.  

The best part of this album can be found in the middle...  Ricochet/Chronology/Pill Cake should always be heard together and in that order.

Shout out to you Christina!  I hope we get to catch up by phone soon.

-Emo D-

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Detachment Kit
Album: Of This Blood
Producer: Greg Norman
Label: French Kiss Records
Recorded: ?