Stone Cold Fox - Memory Palace / by Rollie Agado

Citizens of Earth... 

Rollie, transmitting again from his work station in New Braunfels, TX.   Total hours spent in this office over the weekend nearly 23 and counting.

I think that number will crawl over 27 by the time I climb into my car and drive back for an abbreviated night of rest.

Moral is a little low at the moment...  we have a number of programing obstacles to clear and they're time consuming.  One of my co-workers has crossed the threshold of feeling sick and is 'full-blown' sick...   I'm fairly certain that I will catch something before hoping on a plane for the Pacific Northwest at the end of the week.

The best thing to come out of May 18th, 2014 - was my introduction to a band by the name of: Stone Cold Fox.

A band from (um... unconfirmed)  that sorta remind me of: The Walkmen, Voxtrot, a pinch of Phoenix and the Generationals.

I haven't really given the album a "critical" listen, but after 3 listens over the weekend - I plunked down 12 bucks on the pre-release (June 3rd) and will soon add it to my 2014 collection pile of Best New Music.

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Stone Cold Fox
Album: Memory Palace
Producer: ?
Label: ?
Recorded: ?