Kakkmaddafakka - Six Months is a Long Time / by Rollie Agado

I've spent about 5 months in 2013, stopping into record stores embarrassing myself at every stop to ask about a band whose name is pronounced "cack mad-a fhaka"...   A Norwegian band I  admittedly took a liking to because of their moniker.

The only way I can score this on vinyl is to pay the import price and I simply haven't gotten around to ordering it...   I'll occasionally stream it tho'.   Listened to it today for the first time in months and I'm seriously thinking about plunking down some serious cash to add this album to my collection.

I'd sorta describe their sound as a cross between Phoenix and Hall & Oates...  If temperatures didn't reach 100+ degrees in San Antonio, I would exclusively drink to this on my porch every summer night.

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Kakkmaddafakka
Album: Six Months is a Long Time
Producer: Erlend Øye
Label: Bubbles
Recorded: ?