Blind Melon - Soup / by Rollie Agado

One of my favorite high school memories was driving to and from school with Chivo for nearly 3 years.  Every time we set foot into a car, there was always a chance that we would end up in some strange side-track-adventure.

Said adventures could include taking bizarre country roads in South Texas, trips to taco stands that were not certified by the state of Texas and the occasional drive out to South Padre Island.

In addition to sharing some very funny conversations, we would sometimes sit in silence and just listen to a CD from beginning to end.  An album we listened to with some regularity was SOUP by Blind Melon.

I'm not entirely sure why the album has always had a strong pull on me...   I've always found it to be both rewarding when I listen to its musical arrangements or poured over Shannon Hoon's lyrics.

I just listened to the song Dumptruck and I still get goosebumps after hearing the track spin out perfectly and then slip into the Jim Morrisonesque - Car Seat (God's Present)

Incredible work by the produce Andy Wallace.

I haven't listened to this album in a while, but it came up yesterday when picking out stuff for the Dead Front Men podcast I recorded last night.   I may have to call Chivo and ask him if he fondly remembers listening to this on our drives around Tejas.

Stand Out Tracks:

Artists: Blind Melon
Album: Soup
Producer: Andy Wallace
Label: Capitol 
Recorded: ?