The Anniversary - Your Majesty / by Rollie Agado

Have you ever listened to a recording artist and wonder why they never got big?   I sorta feel that way about the band the Anniversary.   They sorta remind me of the New Pornographers without feeling that they were heavily influenced by them...

At the hight of the emo backlash - Pitchfork Media gave this album a 2.0.  A rating thats kinda funny to look back on because the band was guilty of being on "Vagrant Records" and therefore guilty of sucking on arrival.

What I recall most about this record was thinking how un-emo it was when I listened to it for the first time.   I didn't really think about this record a lot until my ex found it in my collection and took a liking to it.

She asked me to tell her some stories about the band and recall discovering them because they had a song called The D in Detroit.

I ended up spinning the record and fell in love with the record all over again.   I now go out of my way to listen to it once or twice a year.

Stand out tracks:

Artists: The Anniversary 
Album: Your Majesty
Producer: Rob Schnapf
Label: Vagrant Records
Recorded: Sonora Recorders