Fantasy Thrones / by Rollie Agado

For many, watching Game of Thrones is fulfilling enough...  for me and co-workers Kyle and Chris, we've developed a Fantasy Game of Thrones games to accompany the episode viewing.

Here are the results and rules of our Fantasy Game of Thrones League

My team (the defending Fantasy Thrones Champions) the Dothraki Taints are as follows.

I picked 3rd in the draft and selected Kalisi, mother of Dragons with my first pick.  I'm not exactly sure how and why she fell into my lap again this season, but I will undoubtedly rack up the points if she levels another city this season.

I selected Jon Snow with my second pick of the draft.  Mainly because he's emo as all get out and he's likely to slay a snow zombie (white walker?) this season.

Picked up Dario with my third selection...  I figure if Kalisi decides to give it up, it would be a good idea to handcuff the pick to her boyfriend.  This is like have Manning and Welker in fantasy football.   He's also likely to kill someone at any moment.

Selected Tywin with my 4th pick...  I see a lot of late round value in this pick.  While he's not "sexual" he's been known to threaten people's lives a lot and he's always drinking.  These are worth points in our league and I don't know how he didn't get selected in the top 10 picks.

I selected Samwell with my last pick...   I figure he's good for at least 4 on screen weeps this season translating into 80 points before its all said and done.   You have only one job on my team Samwell!