Las Cafeteras - It's Time / by Rollie Agado

Got in just before midnight last night and in addition to hearing this record during the work day, I actually got to see this band perform live at the Esperanza Poetry and Justice Center, downtown San Antonio.

The show exceeded my expectations on a number of fronts...  1.) The turn out was freakishly great for San Antonio.  I arrived about 20 minutes after doors open and the show was "SOLD OUT" w/standing room only.   2.) Admission was 5 bucks "mas o menos".  3.) The collective group touring as Las Cafeteras curate an evening of music and discourse that is equally rewarding to the head and heart.

I've engaged in two lengthy discussions about the bands sound and their intended aim...  They've taken the traditions of Son Jarocho and fused it with contemporary tastes and thrown in some zapateado for good measure.   For the uninitiated...  said sounds originate south of the border and have been around for centuries.

They sorta reminded me at times of 10,000 Maniacs... vocally I mean.  One of the only complaints I had about stuff was that their songs had a plurality to them.  I kinda wish they told singular stories about people or themselves.   Specifically the latter...  I'm pretty sure none of them were over 29 years of age and they undoubtedly have emerging thoughts and opinions that deserve to be showcased.

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Las Cafeteras
Album: It's Time
Producer: Alexandro D. Hernandez Guterrez and Eugene Toale
Label: Las Cafeteras
Recorded: Bedrock Studios