The Eames Era - Heroes and Sheroes / by Rollie Agado

Named after the celebrated designers Charles and Ray Eames, the Eames Era are a band I discovered when uncovering the origins of the Generationals.   I don't know how impactful they were before they decided to disband, but this album is freakishly good.

If you're in dire need of addressing your "pop" tooth, I highly recommend this album.  A number of tracks are incredibly clever, like the song Watson on Your Side.

I've been slowly putting together a short list of tracks featuring female leads for an upcoming podcast and I kinda had the band pop into my head.  

I haven't gotten around to actually owning this album in my personal collection, but intend to remedy that in the near future.  I need to confirm if this was ever pressed on vinyl first tho'.

Stand out tracks:

Artists: The Eames Era
Album: Heros Sheroes
Label: ?
Recorded: ?