Andrew Bird - Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs / by Rollie Agado

Have a very busy Saturday planned ahead of me...   not only will I be going to the Alamo City Comic Con Toy Show this morning, I will also be driving out to Austin to catch the Cloud Nothings and the Men at the Mohawk.

Sleeve art by Jay Ryan (

I will also be getting to spend the day with my niece which means we'll get to play a for a few hours in the apartment this morning.

I amazed by how well she's taking to music.  She's only 17 months old and every time she comes over, I always try to expose her to some new.  Something that sounds very different from her last visit, just so see if she dances to it.

Today's selection is Andrew Bird's - Mysterious Production of Eggs.  My favorite album that Andrew Bird has ever released and it also features sleeve art by one of my favorite poster artists - Jay Ryan.

Hobbes took a liking to the music.  She waltzed around to the song Savoy, which tells me that she has an appreciation for rhythm.  I'm fascinated by her attention span...  she can focus on things for lengthy stretches, but often stops to take cues from who ever is keeping an eye on her.  There's something really great about seeing her play, then stop in her tracks to acknowledge something being played in the background.  

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Andrew Bird
Album: Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs
Producer: Andrew Bird, David Boucher
Label: Righteous Babe
Recorded: ?