Invite Only Costume Party & all things The Challenge Reality Fantasy Week 2 / by Rollie Agado

Saw the show on the night that it aired, but I haven't had a chance to recap the show until this evening.   I can't stress how much I love the shows new format.

I ride and die with Camila 

It has completely turned the house upside down.  It's completely turned the Reality Fantasy League upside down!   The best team in our league just had 2 of her characters face off in the elimination challenge and of them (Frank) has been sent to the "Jungle" for a second consecutive week.

CLICK HERE for: Updated Scores and Rules

It almost makes sense to have weaker players on your roster because teams are going to continue sending the best players into the elimination to make it easier to complete the game.

I fucking LOVE this show.

Ballerz of the Week

Nany - 65 points
Nany, had a quality game and if she continues to perform well in the challenges, I think she has chance to lead the league in scoring.  She picked up 25 points for throwing a swing and slightly connecting on my Reality Fantasy Boo - Camila.  10 points for verbally fighting with CT and my Boo.  5 points for Crying... 5 points for kissing and 20 points for being drunk enough to start all the problems I described above.

Camila - 45 points
What's great about Camila is that we can always count on her having an emotional outburst like we saw in last weeks episode.  I can't believe that she didn't hook up with anyone after attending the Costume Party in a Catwoman costume.  Camila picked up 20 points for being wasted.  10 points for telling us that she's not on the show to make friends. 5 points for crying and another 10 points for verbally fighting with CT and Nany.