Sunny Day Real Estate - How It Feels To Be Something On / by Rollie Agado

One of my fondest college memories was the release of Sunny Day Real Estate's album - How It Feels to Be Something On.   SDRE had split up while I was in high-school and I didn't know who they were until my Freshman year of college.

I was in the middle of discovering a number of Emo bands at the time, so it was really exciting to hear that one of the seminal emo bands was going to release a new album. 

How it Feels To Be Something On - however doesn't sound anything like an Emo album tho'.  It sorta borders on being a "prog" album.  A genre of music I don't really get too worked up about, but this album is incredible.

SDRE is reportedly releasing a 7" record this weekend for Record Store Day.  I guess I kinda have them on the brain.

Stand Out Tracks:

Artists: Sunny Day Real Estate
Album: How It Feels To Be Something On
Producer: Greg Williamson
Label: Sub Pop
Recorded: ?