Dinosaur Jr. - Green Mind / by Rollie Agado

I've been thinking a lot about high school in recent days, due largely in part to listening to a lot of stuff from the mid-90's in recent weeks.   One of my favorite albums from that time is Dinosaur Jr.'s major label debut - Green Mind.

A record that isn't really regarded as the bands high-water mark, but I've always had an incredibly soft spot for it.  Especially the album cover... which features a very young girl smoking a cigarette in a desert.

It's never occurred to me that I could possibly google search the identity of the person on the cover.   I've elected to no do so, only because I've spent countless hours staring and thinking about who that person could be in my head.   I mean, how crazy would it be to end up at a party and then be introduced to her and learn that she was the girl on the Green Mind cover.   

Come to think of it...  I'm going to start taking photos with people who have some semblance to her and hashtag it #greenmindgirl

Anyhoo, if you've never heard the album I can't recommend it enough.   It has a very 90's fuzz to it...  something that I've been hearing a lot in newer music acts.  It fucking kills me that they can't record something that sounds as good as "Puke and Cry" tho'.

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Dinosaur Jr.
Album: Green Mind
Producer: J. Mascis
Label: Sire, Warner Bros.
Recorded: ?