Manchester Orchestra - Cope / by Rollie Agado

Picked up my copy of Manchester Orchestra's latest offering "Cope" over lunch today.  I've listened to it about 3 times and I can safely say that it's a recommended buy for those of you who are familiar with this band or the band Bad Books.

I'm sorta struggling with whom to compare this band to...  there's a ground swell of indie acts right now and Manchester Orchestra are on the end that is releasing thoughtful and beautifully produced albums.

I read this morning that the album Cope was recorded in the city of Atlanta in a house that the band members used to live in at some point.  They sound proofed the place and made it a recording studio.  I don't know what it costs to do that in 2014...  I'm pretty sure it isn't as cost prohibitive as it once was, but what I'm trying to get at is that bands typically produce some really memorable material when they decide to hole themselves up in a unique space to record music.

There's a very specific sound and tone to this record...  If you don't care for the opening track "Top Notch" - you can pretty much turn your back on this record.   The album leans incredibly forward on whatever guitar fuzz pedal they've decided to leave on for the entire record.   It sorta reminds me of the sound that's on the Weezer GREEN album and Jimmy Eat Worlds - Bleed American.   Not the "fuzz" but there's a very specific tone to those records and they pretty much take their cue from the opening tracks.

I'm looking insanely forward to seeing them play live in Austin in 2 weeks...  

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Manchester Orchestra
Album: Cope
Producer: Dan Hannon, Manchester Orchestra
Label: Loma Vista Recordings, Favorite Gentlemen, Republic Records
Recorded: In a House In Atlanta