The Men - Tomorrow's Hits / by Rollie Agado

When I saw the cover of the Men' new album Tomorrow's Hits... I didn't know quite what to expect.  I really liked their last two albums and you could hear them slowly gravitate to new soundscapes.


Tomorrow's Hits - doesn't exactly have a "Big Star" sound to it, but it's from another time tho'.  The album has this indescribable authenticity to it.  It's their best recording... while still sounding low-fi.  I could totally see myself loving this album more than any other album in 2014.   

My favorite track on the album is called "Another Night"  mainly because of the incorporation of the saxophone.  An instrument that I think needs to come back in a "rock revival" capacity.

Another track that really pulled on my heart strings was - Sleepless.  It has this great little trot to it that makes me kinda wish that it was a little longer than the 3 or so minutes that it currently runs.

Artists: The Men
Album: Tomorrow's Hits
Producer:  ?
Label: Sacred Bones Records
Recorded: Strange Weather Studios