Harvey Danger - Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone? / by Rollie Agado

While watching the Oscars last night, Kim Novack appeared on stage and it got me to thinking about the movie Vertigo and in turn the Harvey Danger song - Carlotta Valdez


I dug my copy of Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? and gave it a proper listen for the first time in nearly a decade?   I vaguely recall them putting something out when I first moved to San Antonio and the made it available on the net for free...  

The reason for me liking this album so much was because it was one of the first bands and albums I had obtained well in advance of their "Flagpole Sitta" notoriety and mentioned them to a number of people before they blew up.

In retrospect it was dumb luck really...   It's kinda hard to listen to it now and not realize how derivative it is from their obvious influences.  That doesn't shake the fact that I was still developing my ear and hand picked an artist that got big.   

Note - my copy is on Arena Rock and not a copy of when it got re-released on Slash.  This means fuck all in retrospect, but it meant the world to me when I was 19

I remember a number of years later thinking that the Promise Ring would do the same thing and that didn't exactly pan thru for me....  speaking of which - I'm a little surprised to see that this band isn't cited a little more regularly with other Emo bands.  Specifically on songs like - Problems and Bigger Ones

Standout Tracks:

Artists: Harvey Danger
Album: Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?
Producer: John Goodmanson, Harvey Danger
Label: Arena Rock
Recorded: John & Stu's Place