Everyone Everywhere - Everyone Everywhere (2012) / by Rollie Agado

Roughly a year or so ago, I got around to listening to Everyone Everywhere's second self-titled album and it quickly became one of those records that got completely in my headspace.

At the time, I felt like I was being pulled into a lot of directions...  I had inherited a ton of new responsibilities at work, I found myself in a potential relationship and my family was adjusting to a new-born niece.

Two of these things were inescapable...   I need to work and you can't really get rid of family, so I decided to put my personal life on hold.  I'll never forget the very moment I decided to make that decision.   I was driving back from Houston and it was 8 am.   All I wanted to do was get back home after spending what seemed like 2 weeks away from my apartment.  I got a text from the person I was dating at the time and I lost it.   I tried explaining to her before I left that I wouldn't be able to see her for a couple of weeks because of travel.  When she heard I got back into town early, she suggested plans for me to get home and then drive out to her place for the weekend.  Which in retrospect is a pretty reasonable request to make from a person you're dating. I sometimes wonder what my response would have been if she suggested to come over to my place...   All the anger I had sorta bubbled over and I didn't respond.

I drove to a liquor store, picked up a case of beer and made a decision to silence my phone.  As soon as I got to the apartment, I began to drink beers and listen to music the entire day.  I didn't return a call or text...  I drank 19 beers and purposely put myself into a place where I couldn't be asked to drive anywhere.

What I remember most about that day was listening to this album in a consistent loop.   It matched how I felt on the inside and that's something that doesn't happen with any regularity.  It's one of the few records in my collection that I make it a point to not listen to with any regularity when I have time to think or drink.   It's a catalyst for trouble....

Stand out tracks:  Every song on the album.   

Artists: Everyone Everywhere
Album: Everyone Everywhere
Producer: Mike Bardzik, Everyone Everywhere
Label: Everyone Everywhere Records
Recorded: ?