Boat - Pretend to be Brave / by Rollie Agado

I've penned and talked about Boat's - Pretend to Be Brave on this blog before... but the biggest reason I'm bringing them up again in any capacity is because I finally found this album on vinyl at Waterloo Records last night.


I couldn't believe that I found it while looking for a Bombay Bicycle Club album by accident.  When I saw it, I nearly dropped the other things I had in my hands...  I've been trying to get this album on vinyl for months now.  I attempted to order it directly and had my order canceled by the label.  I tried ordering it at record stores and was told that it was put on back-order and just recently got word that they canceled there attempts to get it in...   Despite various trips to numerous record stores and always being on the look out, it sorta just fell into my hands.

I haven't been this excited to find an album in years.   The album is amazing from top to bottom and I truly recommend you hear it from beginning to end.

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Boat
Album: Pretend to be Brave
Producer: L. Crane
Label: Magic Marker
Recorded: Jackpot! Recording Studios