Real Estate - Atlas / by Rollie Agado

Posted a small review for the album Atlas on the morning of March 14th and took it down so that the review can run on Bearded Gentlemen Music.  I had to option of keeping the original post on this website or running it exclusively on BeardedGent and I opted for the latter.

It occurred to me last night that I don't really "review" albums here anyways... it try to share stories about how I added the album to my collection.

While attending SXSW last night, I stopped into Waterloo Records and scored a copy of the record.  Domino Records really went all out with the print production of the record.  The record has been shipped in a protective record sleeve and the printed copy of the record contains a postcard sized image providing more details on the sleeve art of the album.

I've been streaming the album for weeks now and have only one personal complaint.  Despite repetitive listens...  I have no idea what the album is about.   It's pleasant to listen to but I truly don't know what the narrative theme is.   Lyrically, there may be some songs that could be classified as "sad" but I don't necessarily feel that when I hear the record.

It's simply a great album to have on while doing things like - work or reading.  Which puts it in league with albums such as: Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain and The Weakerthans – Reconstruction Site.   Two albums I can simply have on and still devote my attention to a task without interruption.

I'm really curious to hear what others do while listening to the album tho'.

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Real Estate
Album: Atlas
Producer: Tom Schick
Label: Domino Records
Recorded: The Magic Shop