Janes Addiction - Ritual De Lo Habitual / by Rollie Agado

Señores y señoras 
Nosotros tenemos mas influencia
Con sus hijos, que tu tienes
Pero los queremos

Creado y areglado
De Los Angeles
Juana's Adiccion 

That my friends, is the introduction to Jane's Addiction's - Ritual De Lo Habitual.  An album I picked up after watching "been caught stealing" on MTV.  I haven't seen the video in ages, but I could provide a police sketch for about half of the people in the video.  

It was, visually one of the most stunning things I had ever seen.  My favorite part may actually be the line dancing that breaks out in the middle of the song during the guitar solo.

An oral history titled "Whores" came out several years ago about the band but I never got around to reading it.  I often wonder how well regarded they are in Los Angeles.  In my mind, they're possibly one of the most important bands of the late 80's...  rivaling the Pixies in many respects because they sorta led the charge into the early 90's before splintering into many pieces.

Artwork done by Perry Farrel

Artwork done by Perry Farrel

I haven't listened to this album in years and forgot how lopsided it was...  the first half (5 songs) of the album have a very distinctive sound.  The second half of the album is especially interesting to listen to.  There's a lot going on lyrically and if you pay close attention - it sorta explains the album cover.  

Stand out tracks:

Artist: Janes Addiction
Album: Ritual De Lo Habitual 
Producer: Dave Jerden, Perry Farrell
Label: Warner Bros.
Recorded: Track Record