Eduardo Davidson - Le Chien (El Perro/The Dog) / by Rollie Agado

Let it be known that on March 11th, I received in the mail, a sealed copy of Eduardo Davidson's "Le Chien (El Perro/The Dog)" on vinyl!

I learned about Eduardo and this amazing album through a blog that appears to not really be updated any more called "Mexicovers" in 2007.   The links to the MP3s no longer work... 

I downloaded the record simply after starring at the cover for like 10 seconds.  Much to my amazement, the music that fead thru my stereo speakers that evening amazed me even more.

I shared the album that afternoon with just about everyone who's email I had in my Macbook.  Instantly, I got a lot of freakish feedback that read to the effect of "um...  what the fuck is this?  and, why the fuck do I LOVE THIS?"

The downloaded album is a staple amongst my dearest friends and we've been known to get roaring DRUNK and listening to this incredibly loud.   Never in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would run into a copy of the record.

The few times I did see it online - it always seemed to in really shitty condition and I hate really worn vinyl from the 1960's.   There's a smell to them that I really dislike... 

Anyhoo... Eduardo Davidson came up in conversation last week, I did a random search on ebay and I found a person who was selling a SEALED copy of the record.   I instantly ordered it and I've never been happier in my life.

This album is a holy grail of sorts.  I'll still can't quite believe that I actually have it in my collection.  You have no idea, how rewarding it is to come home and listen to this record on vinyl.

Stand Out Tracks: ALL OF THEM.

Artist: Eduardo Davidson
Album: Le Chien (Mi Perro/The Dog)
Producer: Leroy Holmes
Label: United Artists Records
Recorded: ?