Deeper than a Bromance, its a Bropocalypse and all things Week 9 of Reality Fantasy Real World Ex-Plosions / by Rollie Agado

Every now and again... I'll see an episode of the Real World and instead of just going straight to bed after my viewing.  I hop over to the laptop, calculate scores quickly and do the recap minutes after my viewing.

That glance is deeper than a "bromance"

That glance is deeper than a "bromance"

Tonight's episode was one of the better ones in recent memory and its sorta laying the groundwork for having the ex's leave the house before the "OG" roomies say goodbye to one another.

Which I must say couldn't happen soon enough, the show was 100% better when we saw the roomies interact and awkwardly sex each other up before the exes arrived.  For the second consecutive week... I don't really have 3 true "ballerz" to lay praise on.  What's even more sad... the person who put up the most points isn't on anyone's ROSTER.

And while we didn't see a lot of scoring, we got to see and hear more out of Brian and his bizarreness.  Oh.  We also got to see a trailer for THE CHALLENGE - Free Agents (April 10th).  That deserves its own post tho'...   Onto Hailey's performance in week 9

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Top Baller of the Week
Hailey - 110 points
So I don't quite understand the ballad of Tom and Hailey...   I mean, I can see why the two would date each other.  I can also see why the two don't want to date one another anymore...  but I'm really torn between which of the two I dislike more.   I'm pretty sure I dislike Thomas more, but I don't understand why Hailey is sticking around for the mental/emotional abuse.  Hailey (who did not get drafted by anyone in the Reality Fantasy League) picked up 25 points for being shit-faced-rolling around the floor in a blanket-hammered.  I know a little bit about getting shit-faced and I've never rolled around the floor in a blanket.  I'm seriously considering this over the weekend in Houston.   Hailey picked up an additional 25 points for physically fighting.  25 points for being restrained by security.  25 points for decisively winning the fight...  5 points for verbal fighting and another 5 spot for crying. That boys and girls is what we call "beasting".