Jets to Brazil - Orange Rhyming Dictionary / by Rollie Agado

Another terrible day...  another Jade Tree album to provide me comfort.  Just when the work load began to seem insurmountable, I had the lyric "I typed for miles" pop into my head and decided to stream Orange Rhyming Dictionary by Jets To Brazil.

Couple of quick facts:  

  • JTB got their name from a poster that can be seen in Breakfast At Tiffany's.  
  • I learned about the band through a friend (Josh Freeman) in College while taking a film appreciation class together. 
  • I  spent a good part of a summer in Detroit playing the game Banjo & Kazooie and always played this album while completing every portion of that game.  It's hard to listen to the song Chinatown and not picture honeycombs. 

In recent months, I've sorta seen a number of people reference this band and album...   which is a little weird because it always felt like people were incredibly dismissive of this band.  I don't know if people were apprehensive to like them because of their love of Jawbreaker or if they didn't want to be associated with "emo" or Jade Tree.

Stand Out Tracks:

Yup.  My album is signed by every member of JTB.

Yup.  My album is signed by every member of JTB.

Artist: Jets To Brazil
Album: Orange Rhyming Dictionary
Producer: J. Robbins
Label: Jade Tree
Recorded: Easley McCain Recording