Pedro the Lion - Winners Never Quit / by Rollie Agado

Rather odd but true fact...  I never really paid any attention to any of the lyrics on this Pedro the Lion album until this evening.  I have always loved this record and can sing along to every song, but I never really paid any attention to what I was saying.


The album is a conceptual record and it contains a small set of characters.  The cast consists of a pair of brothers (one good, one bad), a woman (wife of the "good" brother - who gets murdered) and a father who is mentioned in a song at the end of the album.

The album art features four images - all related to content within the album.  (note: I have always wanted to get all four of these drawings tattooed on me and likely will one day)

  1. Two gentlemen exchanging a briefcase (a bribe presumably, there's a song called - Simple Economics - about people in a campaign office and a lyric about paying for something like sex)
  2. There's one of a cop cuffing a guy (there's a lyric in the song called -  Protect the Family Name - about a guy not wanting to be arrested for being drunk again)
  3. A photo of a woman being forced to hang up the phone (there's a lyric in the song - A Mind of Her Own - that has a character telling his wife to put down the telephone)
  4. A photo of a man with a pistol to his head (A murder occurs on the song "A Mind of Her Own" and in the song "Eye on the Finish Line" I think the character (murderer) is making a plea aloud before killing himself)

The album closes out with a couple of songs that punctuate the story described above....  must say, this is a pretty dark album to listen to.

Stand Out Tracks:

Artist: Pedro the Lion
Album: Winners Never Quit
Producer: Dave Bazan
Label: Jade Tree
Recorded: ?