That Baby Ain't Mine and all things: Reality Fantasy Real World Explosions Week 7 / by Rollie Agado

It's that time of the week y'all...  Watched the latest episode of Real World Explosions last night and continue to feel that this may be one of the best seasons they've had in years.

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Top 3 Ballerz of the Week:

60 Points - Loren
Loren picked up half of her 30 points by threatening to leave the show and then following through.  Her pregnancy was reason enough to pack up her things and move out of the Real World House.  She cried 4 times for 20 points and got into 2 fights with Corey.  

55 Points - Corey
Corey picked up 40 points for crying twice this episode...  he also managed to pick up an additional 15 points for verbal spats in the episode.   I typically look forward to defending Corey's antics in the weekly recap, but he came across being freakishly possessive and incapable of communicating his emotions.

40 Points - Brian
Brian picked up 25 points for releasing his penis from "chastity".  No cast-member on this season of the Real World intrigues me more than Brian.  The muscle posing scene was weird... but it's not nearly as weird as his bad skin and weird hair.   I'm also amazed by how real his long term relationship behavior is around Jenny.  There was a scene where she dragged him by the arm while he ate a banana to another room so she could feed him a burrito.   Then there's the "thought records"...  fuck they're weird.  Brian picked up an additional 15 points in kisses.