Misfits - Collection / by Rollie Agado

Recently purchased the album "Collection" by the Misfits, for 9 bucks at a local record store.  Despite being very familiar with the Misifts and their music, I've never properly purchased any music for my collection until the other day.


I was a little surprised by that revelation...  I thought I owned this album on CD.  I've seen it countless times in used bins so I'm not sure why I never picked it up.   I know that I've always wanted to pick up the second compilation (Collection II) because it features the song Last Caress (A track that I learned about thru Metallica).... but I'm pretty sure I talked myself out of any purchase because I always figured I would pick up all their albums at some point or buy the Misfits box set on CD which came in the shape of a coffin. 

If you've never heard a song by the Misfits, this is possibly the best way to get into the band.  I know a lot of people often think the band sounds a certain way because of their imagery... but I think a number of their songs are pretty romantic.   Throwbacks to rock songs that they were influenced by growing up.

The subject matter just happens to be macabre.   See the lyrics to Astro Zombie for example...

Oh, all I want to know 
All I want 

With just a touch of my burning hand 
I send my astro zombies to rape this land 
Prime directive, exterminate 
The whole human race 

And your face drops in a pile of flesh 
And then your heart, heart pounds 
Till it pumps in death 
Prime directive, exterminate 
Whatever stands left 

Are the lyrics a little over the top?  Sure... but they're undeniably fucking awesome.

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Misfits
Album: Collection
Producer: Misfits, SPOT
Label: Plan 9 Records
Recorded: ?