Nada Surf - Lucky / by Rollie Agado

A number of people my age sorta know Nada Surf from the MTV hit-video Popular...   a song that I never really cared for but it was almost inescapable the year it came out.


A couple of years after that release, Nada Surf were featured in an issue of CMJ New Music CD (Volume 64 - same Issue I discovered Josh Rouse) - with a song titled "Mothers Day".  

The song sorta had a Girls Against Boys / Afghan Whigs - sound to it so I immediately took a liking to it.  After a couple of listens, the lyrics to the song began to sink in...  The song is a very sharp take on sexually aggressive males.  In some ways it's an interesting song when juxtaposed to the song "Popular".  

You'll feel good for ten minutes
She'll be screwed up for life
Blue balls and all of that bullshit x4

I didn't think of the band for nearly 10 years.   While visiting Minneapolis Minnesota on a business trip, I stopped into a record store and picked up their album "Lucky" after seeing it had just been released that week.  The album was produced by Chris Walla, who reportedly had his album "the Field Manual" confiscated by homeland security right around the time Lucky got released.

I naturally had an interest in hearing both albums so I purchased the both on a whim.

That impulse purchase ended up being two of the most rewarding decisions in my musical library.  Especially the Nada Surf album...  if you're a fan of mid-period Death Cab For Cutie, this is a must-have-purchase.

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Nada Surf
Album: Lucky
Producer: Chris Walla
Label: Barsuk
Recorded: Robert Lang Studios