Late Night Conversations - Episode 2 (Tonight) / by Rollie Agado

If you happen to be near the internets you can listen to me spin some records and make an ass of myself at 9:00pm CST tonight.

You can listen by clicking on this link -


Plan to Spin 9ish songs tonight...   did the show prep earlier today and I'm pretty sure the quality of the recording will improve.

Update: Episode 2 in the Can

Just recorded the show and you can listen to it here.  Want to quickly thank Jaime/Ted/Joker for listening live...

Still working out a few bugs in respect to Audio quality...   it's kinda hard to do because the live feed everyone hears is on a 10 second delay.

Anyhoo you can hear the 2nd episode it its entirety here:  I completely forgot that I made a passing reference to being reincarnated as a well hung Swede.

Playlist for episode two: