Kevin Devine - Between the Concrete and Clouds / by Rollie Agado

Despite getting up well after 9 AM, I had an unusually productive day.   The highlight of the weekend was getting to exchange Valentines Day gifts with my niece, Hobbes.   

Had to cut my visit a little short because of some urgent correspondence needed for work...  so I spent time this afternoon at home spinning records while cursing aloud in the empty apartment.


Listened to a Kevin Devine album I picked up last year on vinyl, but never got around to listening to it.  I had a vintage Technics turntable that was gifted to me over a year ago and it's been known to not want to work every now and again.

The issue with the turntable has to do with the design of the automatic direct drive technology. It's designed to be fully automated and it inexplicably bottoms out in its process...   according to the web, it's a quick of sorts with the turntable, so you have to live with that or replace it.

I had an opportunity to sell back some vacation time at work so I spent some of that hard earned money on a new Stanton turntable.  I plan to do a proper write up on it in the near future...  I can't express how happy I am with the purchase.

Anyhoo, no more temperamental record players at the apartment - which means more obscure Album A Day Reviews in the near future.

The Kevin Devine album was an enjoyable listen...  I was familiar with a number of the songs because they've been re-arranged on the amazing Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band – Matter of Time: Kd&Gdb Tour EP 2012.

Stand Out Tracks:

Artist: Kevin Devine
Album: Between the Concrete and Clouds
Producer: Chris Bracco
Label: Razor & Tie / Favorite Gentlemen
Recorded: ? (Chris Bracco's house?)