The Causey Way - Causey Vs. Everything / by Rollie Agado

So I've had this album on my mind for a couple of weeks now...  when I purchased my copy of the Metropole (the Lawrence Arms) I noticed that the LP came with a copy of the record on CD.


Something I wish more labels would do...  I rarely get around to downloading the digital files when I buy records and I have a short stack on my dresser.  The best thing about the CD is that I can gift it to a friend in hopes they dig them and seek out their other albums.

Nearly 15 years ago, my friend Donald gifted me an album by the Causey Way that had a nickname of "the causey seed".  Alternative Tentacles (their label) packed the album with a second disc.   A promotional give-away of sorts...

The Causey Way sorta presented themselves as a "cult" operating under the guise of a punk rock band.  I missed out on an opportunity to catch them in Detroit and heard people talk about how amazing they were live.  Every story I heard about the performance was better than the last...  check out this article I found on Razorcake.

Just spent half an hour reading a number of bizarre stories about the dissolution of the band... I can't believe that they haven't reformed and toured.

Give these tracks a listen and remember, the Causey Way is not a Cult!

Artist: The Causey Way
Album: Causey Vs. Everything
Producer: ?
Label: Alternative Tentacles 
Recorded: ?