Erotic Dinners and all things Week 4: Real World Reality Fantasy League / by Rollie Agado

Full disclosure... I didn't get to see this episode the night it aired.   I ended up watching it on my laptop while weathering a snow storm in Southern Denver from the Inverness Hotel.

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I wonder if one can book one of these Eyes-Wide-Shut dinners outside of San Francisco...

I wonder if one can book one of these Eyes-Wide-Shut dinners outside of San Francisco...

The episode was a little bit of a let down in my opinion, but it still had a number of interesting things to talk about.   The second half of the new roommates arrived at the real world house and I kinda fear the new roommate Loren.  

I personally have had a rough go with people named Loren (from Michigan no less) in my lifetime so I'm already on hyper-watch-out mode.  She arrives in San Francisco, knowing that her ex-Corey is already "talking" (a.k.a. fucking) his roommate Jenny.  My biggest fear is that she's aware that she's playing with house money... fucks new roommate Brian (Jenny's ex) and causes an all-out war in the Real World house - leaving me vulnerable to other teams cleaning up on points.

The thing that disappointed me most in the episode was the announcement made by Jaime (my Fantasy Reality Player) that she has promised her father that she will *not* have on camera sex on the real world.  She's totally ok with talking about waking up next to Thomas and feeling his morning boner tho'...  

I can only imagine how proud her father is feeling on Wednesday nights. 

Want to also give a shout out to my girl Arielle...  big ups to her for booking an erotic dinner to completely set the house off for sexual healing.  Someone please fucking wife her up!

Top 3 Ballerz of the Week

75 points: Jenny
Now that Ashley has official left the show, I think I have to worry about Jenny cementing her claim for Reality Fantasy Real World Ex-plosion MVP.   Thru four weeks, she's averaging a respectable 50 points per episode.  She picked that up this week by having sex with Corey twice in the episode, and collecting an additional 25 points in kisses.   

70 points: Corey
With Ashley completely out of the Real World house, Corey has a clear path to becoming the Points Per Episode scoring champion.  Thru 4 weeks - Corey is averaging 70 points per episode and while I worry about him not having a lot of sex with Brian living in the house, he will undoubtedly pick up points for verbal arguments and breaking random things.  He is also the #1 Challenge Rookie on my Fantasy Draft Board.   Corey picked up 50 points for having sex twice on the show and 20 points in kisses.

35 points: Jaime
Normally, I would be pretty enthusiastic about having both of my Reality Fantasy players featured in the top 3 ballerz of the week... but I just can't get behind her relationship with Thomas.  I don't know if she's suffering from getting a 'bad edit' - but she's kinda coming across (to me at least) as a terrible girlfriend.  Her behavior in previous episodes have highlighted her jealously and insecurities... but now that's getting bookended with comments about wanting to mold Thomas into something.  What upsets me most is that I fucking hate Thomas...  he's puddle deep and a drunken bore.   *25 Points for sex...  I'm putting an asterisk next to it because I don't know if she had sex.  I'm pretty sure she did tho'...    5 points for verbal and 5 points for unintentional nudity.