#1 Album of 2014, Never Hungover Again by Joyce Manor / by Rollie Agado

I had never heard of Joyce Manor until May or so of this year...   I believe Ian Cohen had made a mention of catching them live a few days before this album dropped and everyone in attendance already knew every word for anthemic sing-alongs.

I didn't think anything of it until I fired up the record on my computer, worked along side it and then found myself tapping my foot along to the second song of the album: Falling in Love Again.

The song was under two minutes and before I knew it... I was finding myself wanting to air drum to the following track.   Again.. another song just over 2 minutes.

Never Hungover Again - weighs in at 10 songs & 19 minutes in total length.  It quickly became the album that had the most listens in 2014...  it was an album I would throw on to do something for 20 minutes at a time and I knew right away if I was spending too much time on something if I had heard a song twice.

I picked it up on Vinyl and discovered that a CD was enclosed with the record.  That CD has not left my Car deck in all of 2014.  I've actually acquired a new car in 2014 - so up until last week when we put in a Stevie Nicks CD - it was the only CD that had ever been played in my new car.

I listen to this record all the fucking time.  I listen to it when I work... when I drive... when I cook... when I fly across the country and when walk the dog.   

I caught them live in October and they put on one of the best shows I caught all year.  It's the best album I listened to all year and you should go out of your way to own this record.