#5 Album of 2014, You're Gonna Miss It All, Modern Baseball / by Rollie Agado

"I hate worrying about the future... cuz all my problems are based around the past...."

The opening lyrics to an album that reminded me it was ok to completely fall head over heals for an album penned by guys nearly half my age.  This by the way totally freaked me out... I think I had the conversation about "age appropriate" music like 10 times this year with a number of friends this year.

I then saw a tweet by Ian Cohen that said something to the effect of "we should all talk to one another in Modern Baseball quotes".  He was totally right by the way...  

When I boiled all of my 37 year old problems down to the root issues, they were pretty much the same ones I heard on this record.  Loving and falling in love in 2014 is difficult in ways that I can't describe.  So I'll rely on Modern Baseball to say it all for me:

"my head is on the verge of exploding, no amount of aspirin or pizza can help this from hurting"

Better yet... watch the video to "Your Graduation".  Don't kid yourself if you've never been the dude or chick in the vampire costume.