Reality Fantasy: Real World Skeletons: Episode 2 - Year of the Mercernaries / by Rollie Agado

So we're two weeks into the Reality Fantasy league and I can safely assure everyone that there is no catching Ashley Mercer's team the Mercernaires.

How is this even possible?  Simple amigos... she's sitting pocket aces right now with Sylvia and Violetta who both dropped Baller of The Week performances last night...

Before getting to the point totals, I think Madison had 12 different outfits on in this past episode.  How is this even possible?

Point totals and Rules to the Game can be seen here.

Ballerz of the Week:
Sylvia: 60 points
Sylvia put together a beautiful outing and currently possesses the highest Point Per Episode point total for the season by getting 10 points for multiple kisses with Bruno, 10 points for denying coitus with Bruno, 20 points for intentional nudity (streaking), 15 drunken points and 5 points for verbally fighting with Madison.

I must say... I'm in total disbelief of how efficient her performance was tonight.  It was like seeing Chris Bosh have a big night on a basketball court.  You know she's good for 20 points per episode and then she has a performance like tonight where she drops 60 points in 60 minutes of play.  Beastly.

Violetta: 45 points
Violetta is a force of nature.  She dropped 45 points tonight with only 10 minutes of screen time and all she did was get slammered on the second episode.  I would have awarded 50 points but she managed to walk home and carry on in conversations unlike the first night where she seemed to disappear.


I think my favorite thing about her on tonights episode was being ok with the Bartender throwing trash at her at the bar.  Violetta brings it EVERY NIGHT!

She got tipped off by a friend out east that one of her (count them with me) TWO worst enemies is moving to Chicago to be on the show.  How does an adult even have archenemies?  Said enemy got some screen time and I'm pretty sure she's going to slut her way around the house.  This is become one of the best seasons of the Real World in recent memory.  

Honorable Mentions:
Tony: 25 points (20 of which came in a 4 way kiss - balleresque move but not Balleresque enough)
Nicole: 20 points
Bruno: 20 points 

It's kinda hard to get on the rest of the cast for weaker performances... its all about the edit you get for the week... but my boy Jason needs to step it up.  Madison went underrated and is picking up countless crying, verbal and kissing points...   The trailer for episode three - teases his dark side a little bit.  I need him to bring it home next week.  I need him to bring it home.