Real World Skeletons and the return of Reality Fantasy League / by Rollie Agado

There’s a pretty good chance that you didn’t know that Real World Skeletons returns to MTV this evening…  as luck would have it, I did and I’m brining Reality Fantasy back from the DEAD.

I got a few co-workers to participate in a live draft a few weeks ago and here are the results of the draft.

Link to the Rules and Teams/Point Totals: Here

We drew cards to determine the following draft order:

  • Team Hurricane RhiRo
  • Team Mercernaries
  • Team Launders

With the first pick of the reality fantasy draft, Team Hurricane RhiRo selected cast member BRUNO.  His online bio, leads us to believe that he’s certified nuts and he will single handedly bring home another Reality Fantasy Trophy.   The second pick of the draft, called on Team Mercernaries to pick up cast member SYLVIA.  She ranked #4 in our draft board and I kinda felt like this was a reach by Ashley…  I’m hoping all my years of watching the show will pay off.  Jaime picked third in the draft and selected cast member NICOLE for team Launders.  Nicole is kinda tricky because her bio was kinda scant on details…  we know that she’s a lesbian but we don’t really know much beyond that and she appears to be athletic. 

Each team went on to select a 2nd cast member… much to my surprise – Bruno fell into the second round and I’m pretty sure we have solidified our case for first place.  Guys are historically more combative and promiscuous on the show – so we should be dialing up big time points this season.

Scores and recaps to follow every Tuesday night.