#19 Album of 2014, Habibi by Habibi / by Rollie Agado

Do you remember the opening moments of Ghost World starting Thora Birch?  She's in her bedroom watching the iconic dance number (Jaan Pehchan Ho)  from the movie Gumnaam?

Thora Birch's character is letting is in the privacy of her bedroom, wearing a graduation gown and bedroom dancing like no ones business.  That's what I feel like on the inside when I listen to this album.

It's equal parts Ramones & Sleater-Kinney...  11 tracks weighing just under 30 minutes that will win you over in one complete listen.

I learned about the album, by way of a friend (Sonia, where the hell are you?  We need to get coffee and catch up) earlier this year and I instantly hooked when I heard the song: I Got the Moves

I noticed a song on the album titled Detroit Baby and wondered why they name checked so many familiar locations such as Woodward Avenue.  Turns out the band originated from Dearborn, Michigan - a small city that neighbors the Motor City.

I've been singing their praises throughout the year so it's truly no surprise to see this album sneak into my top 20 releases.  I've been listening to it a little more regularly in recent days before taking time to pen this entry.  I forgot how infectious this album was to have on in the background.

Highly recommend having this on when getting ready to go out for the night and getting your pre-drink on in your home.  It's also really great for Ghost World/Bedroom Dancing too.

Standout Tracks:

Artist: Habibi
Produced: Jay Heiselmann, Eric Cambell
Recorded: Death by Audio
Label: Burger Records