Oasis - Definitely Maybe... / by Rollie Agado

Of all the Oasis albums I own in my collection (I own their first three releases), my least favorite of the bunch is Definitely Maybe...  which sounds a little harsh I guess.  I think it's a solid album, I just happen to like it less than [What's the Story] Morning Glory and Be Here Now(which is grossly underrated).


I vividly remember going into a Sam Goody in Harlingen, Texas to buy this album when I heard Live Forever was selected as our class song...  I didn't quite get how it garnered enough votes - but there's a good chance that its better than your class song.

Artist: Oasis
Album: Definitely Maybe
Producer: Oasis, Mark Coyle, Owen Morris, Dave Batchelor
Label: Epic
Recorded: Sawmills Studio