EELS - Souljacker / by Rollie Agado

The album I really wanted to listen to this morning was from a small band called "You Blew It" (Album - Keep Doing What You're Doing) but it isn't dropping until the 14 of January...

Once again, I was forced to think about albums I hadn't listened to in a while and got around to streaming the EELS - Souljacker...

My copy apparently came with an EP

My copy apparently came with an EP

This is the only EELS album in my collection... but I think it's a keeper.  I really love the sound on this album... I recall wishing that Firewater (another band) had explored sounds that were recorded on this record instead of  the clean sound of Psychopharmacology.

Standout Tracks:

Artist: Eels
Album: Souljacker 
Producer: E, John Parish
Label: DreamWorks
Recorded: Onehitsville USA, Honorsound, Bristol and the Bomb Factory