Masters of Sex (2 episodes in) / by Rollie Agado

Finally got around to getting Showtime and squaring away a few hours to watch a few episodes of MOS.

Intro: I really dislike the Dexteresque intro montage...  

Casting :  really enjoy the casting of the show so far...  they've branched out nicely, while allowing the lead characters to interact with one another in tightly knit story lines.

Story: admittedly, I know precious fuck-all about sexual studies... but I'm shocked to hear that its younger than civil rights.

I mean... was Human Sexuality studies new in America?  Did we leap frog countries that invented positions and terms for simultaneous partners?

In addition to that, I find it a little frustrating to sit through stretches of the show where commonsense rationality is described as pioneer work.

That being said...  I don't know how many liberties have been taken to tell a better story.   I'm looking forward to seeing Dr. Master's face when he witnesses a squirter.