Clinic - Internal Wrangler / by Rollie Agado

I don't know what possessed me to spin Clinic's debut album - Internal Wrangler - this morning...  I sorta saw the album cover and got excited to spin it on the turntable.

I've had this album for nearly 15 years and its still as haunting as ever.

Musically, the songs sorta build, bend and break awkwardly...  they're all carefully produced and just when you get comfortable with it being on in the background the song Distortions comes on.

It's saved me once too often
You'll never know her often
I've pictured you in coffins
My baby in a coffin
But I'll love it when you blink your eyes
Oh I'd

I want to know my body
I want this out not in me
I want no other leakage
I want to know no secrets yet
I'll leave
Oh I'll leave
No I'll leave care

Free of distortions
Free of distortions
Free of distortions

I saw them perform once when I lived in Detroit in support of the album Walking With Thee and was surprised to seem them perform in scrubs and surgical masks.  I don't seem to recollect all from the show other than seeing them at the Shelter (the Basement of St. Andrews Hall) and them being pretty energetic...  

I just learned that they've put out a number of other albums, but I've never listened to any of them.  May check a few of them out to see if their sound changed at all.

Random fact: The album cover was inspired by Ornette Coleman's 1961 album Ornette!

Artist: Clinic 
Album: Internal Wrangler 
Producer: Gareth Jones, Clinic
Label: Domino
Recorded: ?