Bad Books - II / by Rollie Agado

The embossed gold lettering really pops in person

The embossed gold lettering really pops in person

Opted to select something familiar this morning...  in addition to making breaky, I need to spruce up the place for a potential pre-drink with friends at the apartment before going to Roxy's.  It's nice to have something on in the background while getting a number of things done.

Discovered the band Bad Books thru a band (The Front Bottoms) that opened up for them at a show in Austin last February.  The Bad Books are made up from members of the Manchester Orchestra and singer/songwriter Kevin Devine.

I purchased a limited edition pressing of the album that was produced in the form of a bound book...  the production value of it is pretty amazing.  Each page is filled with lyrics and notes about every song on the album.

The music on the record is also very rewarding.  I would their describe their sound as equal parts power-pop and folk.  Especially rewarding for those who want to connect with music for the head & heart.

Stand Out Tracks:  You really can't go wrong with anything on the record...  the latter half of the album is softer than the first.

Artist: Bad Books
Album: II 
Producer: Andy Hull, Kevin Devine and Robert Mcdowell
Label: Favorite Gentlemen / Triple Crown Records
Recorded: Favorite Gentlemen Studios