Get Up Kids - Something to Write Home About / by Rollie Agado

When I woke up this morning, I knew I needed to select an album that had a little pep.  I wasn't feeling very motivated to get out of bed and I really just wanted the weekend to start.

When I saw the spine to Something to Write Home About - I knew that this would be an ideal album to listen to while getting ready for work.

Unlike the first two selections, I actually revisit this album every now and again...   I have a lot of fond memories of this album.

I really dig finding these mail order catalogs in these old CD's.  I'm hella tempted to fill one out and see if they fulfill the order.

My favorite memory is listening to this album on New Years Eve 1999, on a levy with Chivo and Jaime...  If I remember correctly Chivo passed out in the backseat of his car with this feet hanging out of an open door.  We connected a small disc man to his car stereo and we listened to the album pretty loudly while he slept it off.  

I don't recall a lot of what Jaime and I talked about...  he undoubtedly got pissy eyes about his girlfriend (now wife) but I do remember both of us reflecting on how good the album was.

The Get Up Kids were roughly the same age we were so there was something really special about seeing someone in our peer group release a record like Something To Write Home About.

Admittedly, I feel like I've outgrown a number of the early songs on this record...   I could go about the rest of my life without ever hearing Red Letter Day.  

we're loyal like brothers, just us versus all the others
i trusted misleading promises worth repeating
how could you do this to me?

Ick right?

The latter half of the album however has a number of really good songs that still hold up well tho'.  One's that I highly recommend you check out.

Artist: The Get Up Kids
Album: Something to Write Home About 
Producer: The Get Up Kids, Chad Blinman and Alex Brahl
Label: Vagrant Records
Recorded: Mad Hatter Studios