The Lawrence Arms - Metropole / by Rollie Agado

Took almost an entire month, but it finally happened!   Tonight is the first time I post a tipsy An Album A Day review in 2014...

The work day was unusually hellish, so I made it a point to enjoy several pints of Colorado's micro-brews at dinner time.

Want to quickly thank/dedicate this drunken entry to Jackie - who tipped me off the the Lawrence Arms about a week or so ago.  When she told me that a band from Chicago was putting out their first album in 8 years, I assumed it would be one I knew.

Turns out I didn't and I've been totally sleeping on this band.  I would describe the sound on this album as a very well produced Jawbreaker album...  


I just listened to "Seventeener (17th and 37th)" and all I can think of was Blake Schwarzenbach...  that and there's a lot to relate to as I'm dangerously closer to 37 - every second that slips by.

I can't get over how much I love the sleeve work on this album...  the sound is also pretty rewarding.  In addition to it reminding me of Jawbreaker, it kinda also reminds me of Street Light Manifesto - but without the horns.

I'm only half way through the record, so maybe a bull fight breaks out and I get to hear some horns.

Ever listen to a record and kinda hope that it has a "Bleed American" ending to it?  By that I mean, you hear about a band who puts everything into an album and it turns out to be a monster release.   I'm kinda hoping the guys on this record get to have said ending with the release of this record.

Stand out tracks:

Artist: The Lawrence Arms
Album: Metropole
Producer: Matt Allison, The Lawrence Arms
Label: Epitaph Records
Recorded: ?