Motley Crue - Too Fast For Love / by Rollie Agado

One of my favorite things to do in the dark is listen to Motley Crue's - Too Fast For Love album on cassette and sign along (badly) to every fucking song on this album.


What I should be doing this very moment...  is packing for a business trip I going on tomorrow afternoon.  Instead, I'm sitting on the couch and screeching out the lyrics to Public Enemy #1.

Do you know how it feels
to be under the gun
on the Run
Having Fun
when you're young
you're so young
When you're Young!

I'll never forget the first time I listened to Motley Crue...  I was in Lubbock, Texas - visiting some extended family and ended up in a room with kids that were a little older than I was.  I don't know if they were cousins or friends of the family, but they were freakishly nice to me.  They were huge fans of Motley Crue and recall them owning a Sega Master System.  Between taking turns playing Space Harrier, I would stare at the walls that were filled with Motley Crue posters from the Theater of Pain and Shout at the Devil tours.

They played Too Fast For Love and Shout At the Devil on what seemed like a continuous loop...  I didn't really care because the music was kinda infectious and Space Harrier was the greatest video game I had ever seen in my childhood.

I ended up becoming a pretty big Motley Crue fan but really disliked everything they did from Girls, Girls, Girls - onward.   I think my music tastes shifted a little more to heavier acts as I got older and never quite understood why the band would spend so much energy transforming themselves with every release.

Stand Out Tracks:

Artist: Motley Crue
Album: Too Fast For Love
Producer: Motley Crue, Roy Thomas Baker
Label: Elektra 
Recorded: Hit City West