This Town Needs Guns - / by Rollie Agado

Ever take a strong like to an album before ever listening to it simply because you take a strong liking to the album cover?  


This happened a lot in my early teens when I would spend hours at Camelot music staring at heavy metal album covers I couldn't afford to purchase.

I wish I jotted down my thoughts on what albums like - Anthrax's - Among the Living or Slayer's - Show No Mercy - might have sounded like when I was 9 years old.

I don't really know why I even took a liking to seeing a Mayan calendar on a record cover...  I've been surrounded by them all my life and for some reason, I thought I had even seen it on other album covers before. 

When I read that the album was a prog-emo-album by a group of British dudes that switched lead vocalists, my hopes sank and immediately  added them to my - Albums to Listen to Later - playlist.

Much to my surprise, This Town Needs Guns quickly became an album I would listen to during my workday.  They kinda reminded me of American Football and Look Mexico... 

Wish I knew more about these guys, but I haven't spent too much time reaching them because I've been too busy - navel gazing at this album cover while dorking out to their math rock.

I guess the album cover is sorta fitting when put in that context...

Stand out Tracks:

Artist: This Town Needs Guns
Producer: Adam Boose
Label: Sargent Records
Recorded: Brighton Electric